Activities around Santa Giulia


Let’s discover other activities around you hotel and residence


You should absolutely try horse-riding during your stay in Santa Giulia. Directly here in Santa Giulia, or on the beach of Palombaggia (a few minutes away), you will take advantage of horse-riding during of a couple of hours, in a idyllic seeting. Our partner A Staffa propose you horse-riding on the sand, and even swimming time with horses. Experience horse-riding in the morning, when the sun just start to rise, to get more pleasure. You will discover the wild and natural face of Corsica, as we all love.

Excursion with a flora specialist

Enjoy an original way to discover the corsican flora ! Jump in your hiking shoes, and let’s discover the rich flora of Corsica, thanks to a mountain guide. This true olfactory travel will stimulate your senses during a whole day or half-day. An authentic and original pedestrian excursions that will let you fell and smell the corsican flora perfums: laurel bay, mastic tree, everlasting flower etc. Your guide, Stéphane Rogliano, will wait for you at 15 kilometers from Santa Giulia.

Two formulas:
Join a group (7 to15 persons).  Departure time: 7:30 AM for a half-day in the corsican forest. Fees: 20 € per person and 12 € for childs under 14 years old.
You may also choose an individual excursion by your own, in couple or in family: Half-day fees : 140 € (until 6 persons) Day fees : 220 €.

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