Sustainable development

The Sud Corse Hotellerie team is especially proud of its precious natural environment. In order to protect it, the whole team is seriously engaged in sustainable actions for more than 10 years.

Sud Corse Hotellerie is the best testimony of this deep engagement is the eco-protection.

Our priorities to preserve our natural environment:


–    Monthly report of our consumption
–    Equipment maintenance
–    Use of ecological bulbs
–    Solar panels for water production
–    Efficiency of our equipment higher than expected.

Ozone layer

–    Annual reports, and freezing equipment maintenance
–    Use of electrical cars.


–    Selective collection of ink cartridges
–    Collection of bulbs
–    Collection of batteries
–    Collection of used fried oil for recycling


–    Monthly report of our consumption
–    Flow controller equipment
–    Customer management of bath towel use

Used water

–    Collective treatment of used water.
–    Annual cleaning of the lift equipment.


–    Species planting
–    Project of lagoon valorisation
–    Project of educational and sportive walk over the Santa Giulia area

Green purchase

–    Environmentally friendly products
–    Regional and seasonal products


–    Actions to increase the environmental awareness of our employees
–    Actions to increase the environmental awareness of our customers
–    Environmentally friendly behaviour
–    Transportation means less polluting are proposed to our customers


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